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And Meyers complicates things by having Keaton courted by Nicholson's young doctor, played by Keanu Reeves, and having to face all her unexamined convictions that a younger person cannot be attracted to an older one. You'd have to work pretty hard to find Keanu Reeves, who may be the best-looking man in contemporary movies, unattractive -- especially when his performance has the sort of casual ardor this one does. Keaton's character is given a sort of wisdom that Meyers seems to be saying is entirely the virtue of her sex.Her affair with Reeves is accepted, but Nicholson's character has to learn that he has just been on a quest for pleasure and correct the error of his ways.He doesn't lie to the women he's involved with about what he expects in a relationship, and from all appearances he treats them well.Nicholson gives a relaxed performance as a man who -- at least in the initial scenes -- knows himself, is happy with the choices he's made and has been lucky enough to live as he wishes." for our evenings out.) Forty years ago it was socially acceptable to look askance at racially mixed couples.Now it's politically correct to deride the combination of older men and younger women.

His character doesn't have the romance in his soul to be called a Casanova, but he's far from a jaded Don Juan.Peet's mother is a playwright (Diane Keaton) whose success is measured by having a house in the Hamptons.Nicholson and Peet repair there for a weekend getaway only to find Keaton in residence.But this is an American movie, and if there's one ironclad rule it's that every character who revels in sexual pleasure, even one who appears to treat his partners with tenderness and respect, must sooner or later realize that he's been living an empty life.Even Amanda Peet, attracted to Nicholson because her romantic life is similarly noncommittal, learns what she's been missing and settles down.

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