Army regulation for updating personnel records

The SRB data can only be corrected by your HR Professional via the designated Army Source Systems identified in the HR Professional SRB Guide available on the IPPS-A Portal.

Please contact your HR Professional to correct your SRB data.

Upon request, entire folders are returned to authorized users in the service departments that created them and to certain Federal agencies designated as routine users. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and certain Federal agencies (designated as routine users) may request the receipt of entire record folders for official purposes through e Mil Recs, an on-line request system. All authorized Service Department and Federal Agency users seeking to access e Mil Recs for record inquiry/ordering purposes related to their official duties must submit an e Mil Recs OMPF User Account Request Form.However, for several years, GAO and others have reported continuing deficiencies with Army military payroll processes and controls, raising questions about the validity and accuracy of reported Army military pay and whether it is auditable.The Department of Defense (DOD) has recently accelerated its Statement of Budgetary Resources audit readiness goal by 3 months to 2014 and is required to achieve audit readiness for a full set of DOD financial statements by 2017.Many agencies use their own forms for requesting military service information.In the absence of an agency form, the Standard Form (SF) 180, Request Pertaining to Military Records, is recommended.

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