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She pleads with Abby for her help on this, and after a moment’s consideration, Abby says that she will see what she can do.She adds that if Olivia’s theory proves to be true, then it will be the team who decides if the cause is worth pursuing.Mellie goes on to say that she wants not just their votes, but their support.She says that the easiest way for them to get these things is by involving Cyrus.From her side of the conversation, we know that she’s an intern and that her father has called to check up on her.He makes some remark (assumably) about her someday being President, and she dismisses this with an uncomfortable laugh and then an “I don’t know”.If you have seen the episode and thought to yourself that the store looked familiar, it’s because it is! Because ain’t no department stores in DC or Maryland selling guns in this manner.)Next we see Abby opening the door to her apartment to find Olivia standing on the other side.Pasted on the glass of a gun cabinet that sat behind the counter is a picture of Marvin Heward, the man who Rowan suckered into buying him a gun and who he later murdered (709). She is none too happy to see her and tells her that she has nothing to say to her.

It was an obvious nod to the “Me Too”/”Time’s Up” movement, which has opened up dialogue about the detrimental effects that harassment can have on its targets, most of whom are women.

Jake says that he prefers that they find another way, and Mellie tells him that she would also prefer to be on her feet, but that until a better opportunity presents itself, they are going to have to use Cyrus and Jake will have to let go of his “grudge match”.

Back in his B613 lair, Jake is briefed by his computer specialist about what she discovered about the virus used to hack Air Force Two.

Olivia replies that she came to talk to her about the plane hijacking and that Cyrus was the one behind the whole thing.

Skipping ahead a bit, Olivia is now standing with Abby within the apartment relaying her theory as to why Cyrus would stage the hijacking of Air Force Two.

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