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But almost as importantly they affect the general perception of how safe an institution is.

Well, sort-of: it is saying that they are less likely to receive capital injections from the public purse in a crisis.

Smaller building societies are likely to come out of this analysis badly because they are small enough for the Government to allow them to fail if they get into financial difficulties.

But the report also implies that now – unlike during the financial crisis when the Government came to the rescue of stricken banking giants like Lloyds and RBS – no bank is too big to fail.

I then had to order the bank to put a stop to future payments but the dating website has kept the cash.’This is a regular fixed payment from a current account set up by the customer with their bank.

A fixed amount is then regularly withdrawn and sent to the service provider.

The Nationwide, which has been downgraded, is the biggest mutual in the UK. They did not come particularly well out of the financial crisis, when they failed to spot the massive weaknesses in big world banks’ balanced sheets caused by the trading in sub-prime mortgage debt. Banks obtain their funding from a variety of sources including long-term bonds which will now be more expensive.

The sum is the maximum guarantee for each separately-registered bank or building society under a government compensation scheme. Three big agencies – Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch – analyse the balance sheets and trading environments of financial institutions on a regular basis so that investors, depositors, and the Government can make a judgements as to their stability. They determine how easily the bank or building society can obtain loans on the money markets and therefore maintain cash-flow, or liquidity.If you want to cancel later, speak to the business first but you can also cancel with the bank or credit provider.If they fail to sort things out, contact the Ombudsman.’ The confusion arises because consumers muddle these payments with standing orders and direct debits.It must tell a customer’s bank and apply for payments when due. Under the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme, a provider must inform customers of changes.These are set up on credit or debit cards and give permission for money to regularly be taken off cards by the service provider.

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Companies claim the set-up enables payments to be handled hassle-free.

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