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All the girls got pictures of me in my cum filled diaper. she powered me and taped the princesses back on me. the bottom of my diaper was sticking through the legs, and the top of my diaper was sticking out the top, thats how small. the whole drive home shed rub it until i almost climaxed, then shed sit and wait. Chapter 5: Pizzawe walked inside, and i cleaned around the house, nothing but the diaper, paci and wig on. and having that string around my butt just felt odd. Kayla walked behind me and gave me a quick wedgie that hurt like hell! each took 15 good spanks on me, and made comments to the camera about it like "take it there you naughty girl" "i bet you love it in the butt you whore" and other things. of course i was made to answer questions about hair, makeup, which guy id rather do, and other stuff. we went downstairs, the girls took there panties and bras off. I got a text back 30 seconds later"now one with full panties on. I went downstairs to find a brown bag in front of the door and no one in sight. 2 cars did drive by."Get in ya slut" I pulled my pants up and did as I was told. the hot weird feeling between my legs was remembered. I didn’t realize she was recording it all, but I guess I was use to that by now. then, I felt myself go crazy and I came in my already wet diaper."I just love the funny cum face you make. Now I had eaten a girl out, and gotten her off with her ass. I bet your dying to touch yourself” which was totally true.“Your lucky your tongues only a few inches long. In a matter of minutes, I had to cum so I pulled out and came on the diaper. This time, it was about 15 minutes and I came on it again. Before I started again, she turned over and got on all 4s on the bed. She walked over with a smirk and started to rub the front. So as I was licking around in there, I pushed her cheeks together fast, which slapped me in the face and apparently got Kassy excited. She told me to fuck her right there, so Kayla slid my diaper down, and I stuck my dick in Kassy, something I never thought I would do.

then, i was given a cowgirl shirt that was tied in a knot by the boobs. the girl with the camera felt it to make sure it was wet."now, give your paci. and i need to wear diapers all the time'"i hesitated. im gonna take these shorts, and me and the girls are gonna go to the car. and girls of course filmed the whole thing, and about 4 people took notice."whatta good baby. now the sides of the thong were above the skirts, as well as the back part."Ive seen you look up my skirt before you dirty girl. they all laid next to eachother on the bed"alright little slut, you have to make each of us cum using your mouth. and i want you rubbing through your panties and diaper, so you cum too." then kayla sat at the end of the bed. she took forever to make cum, and my mouth was so sore! then i was given a thong to wear over the diaper and a nightie. I think I saw your sis wear a pair of yellow ones that say PINK on the butt. it was gross, I had to dig through my sister’s laundry bin to find them. I opened it and pulled out a bright pink pull up, it had barbies face on the front, and said "Barbie Girl" on the butt. I sat down next to her friends, who reached in my pants feeling up my diaper, giving me a boner. So he then left to his cousins and Kayla came upstairs and yanked down my shorts and GRABBED my crotch."The little girl peed her diapee! Now I want a deeper feeling.” With that she ripped my diaper off, leaving my raging erection on display. The whole time she kind of laid there and took it, making me do all the work. I thought doggy-style, then she pointed to her ass. It was loose enough from her doing it there before, and me eating it out. Kayla walked over and took the onesie off me so I was just in my girly diaper. Not only because I had a pacifier in my mouth, but because I didn’t know what to say. I was told to get on all 4s so she could spank me a few times. I stuck a few fingers in there with my tongue, she started moving her hips in a rhythm with me. I was thrusting my hips as fast and as hard as I could, i was letting out more moans then she was! I thought the whole time I was so lucky to avoid this type of thing. I had known that even though I didn’t want something in butt, that when that happens, people still get erections because of the contact, so there was nothing I could do when I got a boner from it.

plus if i lost, there's no way it could be that bad."your on" i saidwe each wrote down 3 secrets on a piece of paper, and put it in a jar.

if someone broke the bet, the other person got the secrets and could tell whoever they wanted.

Chapter 1: The Bet"Giants got this game" i said"bullshit, packers are deffinatley gonna win" she said back.

I thought we could make it interesting"How much you wanna bet"Kayla thought.

i was a pretty good looking guy, but never got to much action other then a make-out every once in awhile.

Anyway My friend, her, and I sat watching a football game.

My friend left to go to the bathroom when it all started....

i looked in her mirror, and other then the diaper, i looked like a legit girl. the lifted my skirt and felt up my diaper to see if i was wet (which i wasnt) and the rubbing gave me a boner."O the girls got a boner in her diaper! the laughing continued as we walked down to Kaylas room. " Kayla demanded.i started yelling "ooo yeah, right there, right there, keep going. " of course the camera was still rolling in the room. Kayla rubbed it around so the stickiness got in everywhere. when Kayla wore these, her ass cheeks almost hung out, they were so short. "i want to be your sissy baby girl forever, and i want to cum in my princess diapee for you! she smiled as the camera captured everything, and she told me to smile and wave at it. she grabbed a pair of pink panties that had hearts all over and i put those on. the panties were tight, but they did fit over my diaper. I slid down my shorts revealing the pink fluff I was wearing. she grabbed me and brought me downstairs to where her friends were. I was given a pink nightie and a pink thong to wear over my diaper."finish the bottle, then go to sleep. you’ll buy yourself new ones tomorrow." with that the lights went off and door was slammed. I continued to suck the bottle while they got a bra on me and stuffed it. Nails were painted a matching pink and white lace socks were on my feet. So we are going to have some fun when you get back. As I went to my seat Kayla shot up, lifted my dress up and pushed me over the couch so my ass was sticking in the air.“wow! So I began to do what I did to her pussy, to her ass. I could tell she had done anal plenty of times, and she was finally starting to moan about 10 minutes later.

Kayla started a camcorder when the dressing started, and recorded it all. the girls were now picking out outfits, and i fixed my skirt. comments about me not having a vagina were made, and kayla cleaned the cum off me with baby wipes. it took 20 minutes of pushing, but they were on me. Kayla removed my diaper and gave me a bright pink thong and a tiny skirt to wear. when my dick was soft, i could kinda of push it back so it was covered. and you could still she parts of it sticking out the bottom. the girls put the paci back in my mouth, and re did my makeup and fixed my wig. beside the paci and diaper/panty hanging out, i looked like a hot girl getting ready to go out.chapter 6: More things to do about 15 minutes of cleaning in that outfit, and the girl started taking off there clothes. they were all in there bras and panties, and the bent me over. then we all sat in a circle, they grabbed magazines and talked girlie. she rolled her window down, she had 2 friends (both were there last time, I never heard why her other 2 friends weren’t there) sitting there giggling. the one had a video camera, and the other took pictures as Kayla yelled"Drop your pants right now whore! Laughing roared, and I looked around, blushing, seeing if other people saw. the hot diaper was being constantly rubbed over my cock, and I was getting close to cumming. Good thing you’ve practiced your moan, because I want you to moan every spank” I can’t believe her. I thought atleast she didn’t try to make us do worse things, but still. It didn’t taste as good, and it was a lot less to explore. I stuck my tongue almost straight upward and moved it up and down, and that finally got her to cum again.

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my stomach and fake cleavage were exposed, and my legs. "im a big sissy baby girl, i need to wear diapers all the time""good girl, now say 'im a little girl, and need my diapee changed""im a little girl, and i need my diapee changed" i spoke towards the camera. you better run through the store to the car in that wet diaper, or we will leave you here! i was standing there, makeup, wig, pacifier in hand, shirt in a knot, and in a wet diaper. now lie down for your diaper change""shouldnt we get in the car first? the parking lot will be fine" just the her 4 freinds pinned me down to the ground. i dont think anyone saw, but it was so nerve racking. before we left, kayla kept rubbing the front of my diaper. and ive worn thongs, so now i want you to know how it feels to be looked at like that. i went to work on the first girl.i had never eaten out a girl before, but it tasted good and the feeling was weird. eating out girls in such a workout, and now my diaper and 2 cummings worth in it."not bad slut, not bad" she said. more pics and camera shots were taken, and we finally laid down for bed. I took the picture and sent it."what a cute lil girl u r. I ran upstairs and sure enough I had a message on my phone."keep this until next weekend. "little girl excited for the weekend I see" said one of her friends. So I said that I had to go home, he was leaving in 5. She got a tiny pink thong out and gave me to put on. My boner stuck straight out and the thong was just pushed over some. I kept going over and over and she was moaning a lot when we were doing anal. As Kassy rubbed it, an erection began to form.“Jeez, settle down there. That hurt a little and Kassy was having the time of her life.“Well Kassy, ive had her eat me out in the vag and butt, and had sex with both as well, so if you want some pleasure, ill get HER right o n it.” “hmm, I am kind of horny. Her body was sooo hot, I had never even seen her in a swimsuit before. she was letting out some moans, and finally I got her to yell, and cum. She took it though, and I just loved the sight of her tits bouncing up and down. Kassy first teased it around my hole, then she slowly put it in. She pushed it all the way in and flipped me over.“Looks like someones excited! This would happen to anyone, its just the feel…”“shut up sissy girl!

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  1. She never feels that she's worthy of Edward, and she admits to feeling selfish in the way that she clings to Jacob even while telling him she can never love him "that way." That said, Edward and Jacob are both very protective of Bella, who is in turn protective of each of them.